ISO 9001 Internal Audit Procedure in 2021

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Preparing for Your ISO 9001 Internal Audit Procedure

As we all know, internal auditing is critical to the success of any ISO 9001 QMS. It ensures that your organisation is consistently adhering to the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. 

Internal audit procedures may seem dauting, but here at Jomo247 we want to help make your auditing process easier, faster, and more effective. 

Your organisation should aim to carry out a formal internal audit at least once every year, request an external audit once a year and apply for recertification once every three years. 

When finding an auditor for certification ensure that the ISO 9001 body you select is UKAS accredited, or your certification may not be recognised both nationally and internationally. 

If you are still in the process of locating an external auditor, why not take a look at our Mentor Platform

Home to a variety of quality consultants from across the globe, our Mentor Platform is designed to help you find the perfect quality consultant to help your organisation achieve ISO 9001 compliance.  

What do I need to include in my internal audit procedure?

Your internal audit procedure should involve a number of key steps to ensure a thorough and useful audit.

The purpose of this internal audit is far more than just ticking boxes; you need to engage with the information it provides to grow and improve your business.

Having continual improvement at the focus of your internal audit procedure will put you in good stead for achieving ISO 9001 compliance.

Your process needs to be unique to your business needs, and enable you to effectively evaluate your compliance and systems and identify areas of improvement.


How can Jomo247 help you evidence compliance during your internal audit procedure?

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Internal audits should always be organised, attentively planned, and conducted as objectively as possible. 

Evidence  should be gathered through a range of different methods such as, interviewing personnel, observing operations, reviewing documentation, and examining records. 

Jomo247 offers a range of different features that will not only facilitate this internal and external auditing process but will help make evidencing your compliance as painless and stress-free as possible. 

Our software will also help shorten the internal auditing process, leaving more time for your organisation to focus on system, process and product improvements. 

Which of Jomo247's features will make your internal audit procedure easier?

  • Document Organisation: Jomo247 provides a centralised, strategically organised, Cloud Based location for your documentation that is accessible anytime or place which can be particularly useful for remote auditing. Unlike a traditional paper-based QMS, with Jomo247 you are never at risk of lost or misplaced documentation which can interrupt or slow down your auditing process. 
  • Configurable Activity Templates: Here at Jomo247 we have pre-existing process templates, accessible to all users designed to help you run your internal audit procedure with ease. However, these are completely configurable or you can even create your own custom internal audit procedure templates to ensure that they are perfectly tailored to the specifically unique requirements of your organisation. 
  • Invitations and Permissions: As a pay per action solution, you can invite any external auditor to your hub for no extra cost. Once they are set up on Jomo247, you can invite them to all the relevant activities, determine which permissions they have on the system and once the audit is complete you can simply remove them from your hub. 
  • Tagging & Search Capabilities: Easily reference all your documentation against ISO 9001 standards and search using these tags to quickly drill down and find the relevant information during any audit. If you are carrying out an internal audit or an external auditor has requested specific documentation, you can pre-emptively tag all the relevant documentation with “ISO 9001 Audit 2021” for example, making it even faster to locate on that all important day. 
  • Timeline Feature: Allows you to easily evidence everything that has happened within the system and exactly who it was performed by enabling you to exhibit staff and management conformance to your auditor. 
  • Audit Feature: Similar to the Timeline feature, but allows you to specifically filter by each different activity permitting you to easily evidence to your auditor how your system is working and complying in each different area of your organisation. 
  • Groups: Makes inviting your auditing team to activities and setting their permissions straightforward helping you save crucial time during the auditing process.  

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